Ironhorse consists of an inner circle of general practitioners called the core group, and a wider network of specialist service providers.

Ironhorse talent pool
The core group is led by Ironhorse founder Jack Martin Leith, a co-creation exponent with 30 years of experience in the fields of breakthrough innovation, whole systems change and complex problem solving.

Jack is a long-time railway industry observer with extensive consulting experience that includes projects for Nederlandse Spoorwegen, South East Wales Transport Alliance, and West Midlands Passenger Transport Executive.

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Jack and his core group colleagues are seasoned practitioners with collective expertise spanning many management disciplines, and bring knowledge, skills and experience gained in a wide range of sectors beyond the railway industry.

Their main areas of expertise are complex problem solving, breakthrough innovation and whole systems change, and helping organizations acquire the capability to excel in each of these areas.

The overriding intent of core group members is always the generation of the greatest amount of value for the greatest number of beneficiaries.

Each member is able to move fluidly between a variety of roles: advisor, coach, event producer, facilitator, idea originator, intervention designer, interviewer, project manager, provocateur, researcher, strategist, teacher, thinking partner, and torchbearer.

The core group is supplemented by a network of specialist service providers who are among the best in their respective fields.

The Ironhorse talent pool includes specialists in stakeholder insight, enterprise architecture, internal communication, lean startup, intellectual property, digital workplace, conflict transformation, and organization design, along with groundbreaking management writers, academics past and present, alumni of big consulting firms, and former CEOs.

The Ironhorse way of working

In response to the client’s provisional brief, Jack selects members of the core group and the wider network to form a bespoke team possessing the right blend of generalist and specialist capabilities.

The team’s first task is to turn the provisional brief into a working design specification by means of a searching enquiry we call a probe.

Every organizational challenge is one of a kind (view some real-world examples), so every Ironhorse intervention is custom designed, drawing on numerous theories, models and methods acquired by Jack and his colleagues over the course of three decades.

The programme of work outlined in the following graphic gives you an indication of how an Ironhorse project might unfold.

Ironhorse - indicative programme of work

As a result of the Ironhorse project:

The challenge has been completed successfully and the desired state of affairs has been realized.

Ambitious outcomes have been achieved.

Significant new value has been generated, and continues to be generated, for customers or users, other stakeholders, wider society, and the organization itself.

The Ironhorse project has served as a learning laboratory for the wider organization, and the value generation capability of the organization has been boosted.

The spirit of the early railway pioneers has been kept alive.

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