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Channelling the spirit of the early railway pioneers, Ironhorse helps UK rail industry leaders respond to tough challenges with effective collaborative action.

This is how you know you’re looking at a tough challenge:

The realization of the organization’s vision is being thwarted by an intractable problem or an insurmountable opportunity..

High levels of complexity and uncertainty are present.

There is no agreement about the fundamental nature of the challenge, and there is no common language for discussing it.

There is no agreement about what type of intervention (e.g. change management, internal communication, coaching, leadership development, organization design, conflict resolution, business model innovation) is most likely to be effective.

The desired outcome is disputed, unclear or unknown.

There are multiple internal and external stakeholders with conflicting perspectives and agendas.

New ways of thinking and working are called for.

Sustained collaborative action will be essential to success.

A successful result will clear the way for widespread value to be generated.

You know you need external assistance, but none of your usual service providers can provide the necessary combination of generalist outlook and specialist know-how.

The time to act is now.

Ironhorse can help you respond to this kind of challenge with a programme of intelligent, sustained and well-orchestrated collaborative action.

We provide the generalist outlook and specialist know-how you need to transform tough challenges into ambitious outcomes, such that significant value is generated for your customers or users, other stakeholders and wider society — and, ultimately, for your organization.
The next time you need to eliminate an intractable problem and accelerate progress towards the realization of your organization’s vision, you can call on our holistic perspective, our multi-discipline and multi-role way of working, our extensive experience gained in sectors beyond the railway industry, and our pioneering spirit.

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